Welcome to PELIAS Life in Balance, a place of harmony, peace and recreation.

PELIAS [accent in “A”] is housed in a Cycladic edifice, built with care and love, aspiring to entertain activities which specifically encourage the creative and healing expression of body and soul. Its objective is to offer serene and pleasing moments to the guests in an exceptionally beautiful scenery and a unique view of the Aegean and the neighboring islands.

PELIAS is situated on the hillsides over the green village Kardiani, one of the most beautiful villages in Tinos, inhabited since the ancient times and officially designated as a traditional settlement.

Entirely attuned with the territory aesthetics, Pelias expands in a traditional estate of Tinos –a farmstead (agrikia)– with a threshing floor and a dovecote: Pelias actually stands for pigeon in Ancient Greek.

The “Pigeon” carries on its activities with enthusiasm, offering alternative suggestions for your holidays: Yoga and Pilates courses daily, creative workshops for children and appealing art exhibitions.

No matter what you are up for, do not skip visiting the SUNSET BAR by Pelias, operating daily in PELIAS verandas after 7:00 p.m. from mid-June to mid-September. It is worth enjoying the sun setting in the vastness of the Aegean, tasting signature cocktails, trying superb wines and savoring freshly made sushi as well as other delicious snacks.

We are expecting you with warmth.