Exercise and me

Jenny Colebourne, who has teached yoga and pilates at PELIAS Life in Balance on Tinos, suggests a pleasant exercise to wake the body up in the morning.

I breathe therefore I am

In conjunction with the exercise you’ll be doing, breathing there should definitely feel more natural, more effortless
Thanks to a dose of bronchitis I had last winter, I learned the real value of breathing. I was heavily laden with fever and exhausted from days of being ill when I suddenly started having problems breathing...

Τhe Nobel Peace Prize, the Dove and Tinos

What use is the Nobel Peace Prize if you can’t manage to attain inner peace?
Every day I listen to a morning radio show. Recently they had a fisherman by the name of Stratis from a remote island. Stratis lives in the now well-known village of Skala Sykamia on Lesvos, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his involvement in the refugee crisis...